1. Tell us about yourself?

2. Career highlights so far?

3. What gives you the Edge?

4. Where does your drive and determination come from?

5. What do you love the most about beauty/hairdressing ?

6. What is it about you that makes your clients feel special ?



  1. RAMAN
  3. DEE

1.I am from the northern part of India which excels in the latest fashion & trends due to the impact of Bollywood film industry. I always look forward to working in a challenging environment where my skills & efficiency can be utilized to the optimum potential.

2.My proficiency in hair styling has allowed me to give best of my services to people from last 15 years across different Countries such as India, in a busy High-street salon in London (U.K) and now working at Edge Cut Colour and Beauty here in Auckland, New Zealand.

3.My passion towards hair styling and my ability to impress people with the services provided to them is what giving me the Edge in my profession.

4.The driving force behind my hard work is the respect I give to my profession. I inherited my hairdressing skills form my dad who has 40 years’ experience in the hair dressing industry.

5.I love to meet beautiful people every day and do my best to make them more beautiful and trendy.

6.To explore latest trends, try different hair styles & colours on my clients to make them look great.


1. I am from the land of India. The home of self healing and well being. Beauty has been my profession for over twenty five years and I am very passionate about it. My experience involves working in large resort chains and for beauty industry icons.

2. Working for famous Bollywood stars.

3. My love of continued learning gives me my Edge as I am always keen to use the most effective tools and techniques to ensure the best treatment for the customer.

4. My drive and determination has always been and always will be to fight for the best result for my client.

5. In my years in the industry I have seen many techniques and products come and go. We have made leaps and bounds in our quest to fight aging and now have products that can effectively guide us to the path we visually desire.

6. Customer satisfaction and knowledge is key to ensuring that our clients achieve the result they expect. I ensure I take the steps necessary in order to achieve their satisfaction.


1.I'm from the Cook Islands, born and raised here in NZ. I have studied hairdressing at the Cut Above Academy and have been in the hairdressing industry coming up to 10 years.

2.Working with amazing talented people.

3.What gives me the edge is my passion for the talent I have.

4.My drive and determination mainly comes from my clients. Without them I wouldn't be able to perform what I do & to ensure the clients that they get the best satisfaction they deserve.

5.What I love about hairdressing is you are constantly learning something new everyday. Learning the latest trend, new techniques and learning off your colleagues.

6.I give my very best to every client that I look after.


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